Do we really Worship and Value “Navratra” and Ma

Thank you So much God…

that you have given us few auspicious days..

Today while writing to my second post on this website I am in deep pain. There is something that is running in my Heart (I know heart don’t think, but it’s just a feeling).

From tomorrow onwards, people will worship navaratra.For next nine days people will pretend to be a “bhakt” and will not have “non-veg” and more interestingly people will not even eat “onion”, garlic etc. And after that, they will again become pure…… Rakshasha. And they will start eating the “Meat” of those innocent animals who don’t have mouth to interact and can not express their pain. Where will the God be gone after Navratri? after those pure nine days will  “Ma” be going to vacation ?

But It brings tear to my eyes that after nine that Slaughterhouses will be selling meat and people will eat it with ardor.

Who is a true “Bhakt” (Devotee) of Mata and what is meaning of “Bhakti”(Devotion)

First, let us understand the meaning of Bhakt . Bhakt is a Hindi language word which means “To attach” . So if you really want to be true devotee so you have to truely attach with God from inside not just from out side. Because in our “Shastra” and “granthas” it is clearly said

कामी क्रोधि लालची इनसे भक्ति न होय |

भक्ति करें कोई सूरमा, जात वरन कुल खोये ||

Worshiping a God can never be done by the prurient, grumpy and greedy person, but a true devotee is the one who don’t differentiate between race, color and family which mean a true devotee is one having few diamonds of humanity in his character like mercy, pardon and gave.

Believe me friends God will be very happy to see you as a true bhakt rather than to just pretent


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